how to find a flat for rent in budapest

There are a few ways to find apartments for rent in Budapest but it’s not that easy as it sounds.

Easiest ways to locate your new home in Budapest are the online source. Of course, you always have a chance to go to any real estate office what you find in the street and ask for their availabilities but that way of approaching real estate is a little bit old dated.

Here i introduce your main ways of finding a perfect real estate in Budapest:

1. Online:

There are many websites like or to find your apartment for rent in Budapest. there are mostly fresh listing and ready to be rented immediately!

2. Social media:

People nowadays use social media to find a flat for rent in Budapest. best portals of this kind are Facebook and Instagram as well as Linked in sometimes.

Find an apartment in Budapest

3. Offline:

As said above, the offline sources of finding an apartment for rent in Budapest consist of real estate offices on the street or finding advertisements on newspapers or on the wall ads what you may bump into on the street.


4. Word of mouth:

Ever heard of a friend about the available flat for rent? those are one of the best ways to find a good and reliable apartment for rent.

5. Getting an English speaking agent:

Agents are one of the best options when looking for a property, while with a small fee you can hire them and they can call and schedule many many apartments for rent for you and find you the best option out of hundreds.

Latest available apartments in budapest for rental