Bookkeeping Service

Bookkeeping Service

We provides full bookkeeping and tax consulting services via our Partner company!

PERSCRIPTOR Hungary is a highly experienced freelance economist and tax advisor, given continuous support by young professionals who are knowledgeable on the latest developments in accounting practices.

The company’s number one goal is to provide our clients with the most optimal tax advantage. Our clients’ interests are looked after as if they were our own.

One of our most popular services is  informing  our clients via email on the tax payment obligations related to  tax declarations, to avoid delays in payments. We also keep our data up-to-date to provide clients with any other useful information to enhance their  business.

During tax supervisions we represent clients in dealing with the authorities. If required, we can provide full support on the consolidation of loan applications, bank data services and all  tenders within the  European Union.

PERSCRIPTOR  can provide all services in English and German as well as Hungarian for your convenience.


Initial compulsory registrations 25.000.-+VAT
KATA accounting 15.000.- +VAT
Small company (~40 invoices/month) 35.000.- +VAT
Medium company (~80-100 invoices/month) 65.000.-+VAT
Big company (over 100 invoices/month) 95.000.-+VAT
Payroll/employee/month 3.500.-+VAT

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