Next year, the construction of a new quarter of Budapest going to start. Quarter BudaPart will be located next to the Kopaszi-gát, and as expected will be ready in 8-10 years said Gergely Árendás the CEO of Property Market Kft.

It is going to be a quite modern part of the city in a XXI century style on the banks of the Danube, according to the plans of the Adept company, building contractor.


The BudaPart project would like to develop the quality of the built-up areas of the Hungarian capital. The half of the quartier will include condos, and residents with 2500-3000 apartments for 4-5 thousand people to move in. The commercial part of the “Part” will include offices, workplaces and shops and hotels.



The buildings wouldn’t be monolithic blocks but multifarious buildings with a varied and modern look. This all imagined with rooftop gardens on the top of the buildings and deep garages under the houses.


On the bank of the Danube they will form a sandy beach by the plans.