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Are you looking for a rental apartment in Budapest?

We understand that finding a proper flat in Budapest can be a very hard job!
The vast variety of apartments and not being familiar with the city, as well as the language barrier are the biggest hassles you may face.
With our Apartment Finding Service, we will help you locate the best out of the best and help you schedule viewing and walk you through A to Z.
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Rental FAQ:

1. Where can i rent an apartment in Budapest?

Budapest is divided by 2 main sides. Buda and Pest as its name also says!
on general terms it is popular to rent in pest side due to the fact that it is the central city and most of the businesses and universities are basically located there.

2. How many districts does Budapest have?

Budapest has 22 district which are located on the 2 sides of Danube river.
Out of this 22 districts, the 5,6,7,8,9 and 13 are the most favourable and central for the rental purposes.

3. What are the best districts on Budapest to rent a flat?

It is hard to distinguish the best or the worst but in general, district 5,6 and 7 are the most central and most famous. these districts are also very favourable for the tourists as well.

4. How can i rent a flat in Budapest?

To start your search of flat, you need to first check the listings of the available properties in the reliable websites like and after choosing your desired apartment in these website, you can call our assistants and they will help you with all the vital information!