When it comes to the choice of flats in Budapest, there comes three options.
Old buildings, New buildings and Renovated Buildings.

Although nowadays most of the apartments have gone through the process of renovation but still there are some left without due to may reasons namely the budget for the owner and so on.
But for those picky client which only might wanna go for the new built it is much harder choice as the proportion of new built flat in comparison to old buildings are very low.



As obviously the huge percentage of the new built apartments are in the district 8 and 9 which are close neighborhoods to the some majoruniversities but on the other hand these districts are not the most favored as the crime rates show the more probability of crimes in those neighborhoods rather than safer districts like five and sic.

It has been a challenge for new comers specially students which are coming from Modern and rich countries like Germany, Iran and Scandinavians or even UAE to find a rather same quality of apartment which they used to have in their hometown, and if there is, the choices are very low. this is the time that the Renovated flat become a choice as well.
At this moment, most of the flat owners decide to renovated theirs apartments due to many reasons such as raising the rental budget and in the first place getting the clients to like the property.




Since the procedure of renovation can be a very complicated and time/money consuming kind of job but, with a professional team of workers, the waste of time and money can be minimized.

Coming back to the subject, the expatriates coming to Budapest must consider the fact that this beautiful city has entertained its charm mostly from the buildings and expecting this city to have towers and sky scrappers is just a dream that may never come to reality.

Specially in some districts and areas like 5, around the fashion street and Vörösmarty square, most of the buildings are protected by UNESCO and even painting the inner walls of the flats are not allowed!

Understating the beauty of history in Budapest is one of the most important cultures the non-Hungarians must live with and sometimes adopt with .

While in a city we are living that roughly 1 Percent of the building are new builds but with the New projects like the “Corvin Setany” there is a hope to also have a taste of Modern buildings in Budapest and this is the time when the Modernity comes to the History and this collision can make a perfect style of a modern European country with a taste of the past generations.



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