There are several hundred thousand Hungarians living and working abroad, earning their salary in Euros and Pounds, not to mention the huge amounts deposited from the Bankrupted Hungarian brokerages ; while Prices of properties in Hungary has become stabled to some points recently.

When the Hungarian Forint is weak, Bank don’t pay much percentages and the Brokerages has lost reputation, real estate investment in the country becomes especially interesting; with the current high yields and yearly interests , people have started to consider purchasing properties as investment more than ever.

For the first time these buyers have passed a statistical threshold to become noticeable on the property market. The statistics show the great number of purchases since first months of 2015 and will continue for  minimum the next 6 month at least.
Thanks to the high yearly yield of approximately 8% up-to 10% (at some properties) that we provide for our investors, purchasing real estate has proved a stable, risk free investment+instant income sort of business which makes Budapest a heaven of investment for Hungarians, western European, Scandinavians and middle-pasterns of course.